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Modern Slavery Act statement

This statement is made on behalf of Zorca Hospitality trading as The Zetter.

Zorca Hospitality is the ownership company of The Zetter Clerkenwell, The Zetter Marylebone and Marrable’s Hotel, a collection of luxury boutique hotels in central London, England. 

There are 2 properties in Clerkenwell, along with the central office and 1 property in Marylebone, all located in central London, United Kingdom. Our properties provide full hotel services including bedrooms with food and beverage offerings.

Our supply chains include purchases of food and beverages as well as operating supplies and services for all areas of our business and the majority of supply of goods and services is from UK-based companies.

This statement is made on behalf of Zorca Hospitality only pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Zorca Hospitality’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st December 2024.

Our commitment

We are committed to ensuring that it conducts its business ethically and with integrity.  Zorca Hospitality does not use slave labour anywhere in its own business, nor does Zorca Hospitality tolerate forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking.  Zorca Hospitality is committed to ensuring that no such behaviour takes place in connection with the company. 

This commitment extends to Zorca Hospitality’s supply chain and Zorca Hospitality supplier relationships are based on lawful, efficient and fair practices.  We expect our suppliers to obey the laws that require them to treat workers fairly and provide a safe and healthy work environment.  Zorca Hospitality will not knowingly use any supplier that uses forced, prison, or indentured labour.  Zorca Hospitality will only work with suppliers who comply with all laws regarding slavery and human trafficking in the countries in which the suppliers are doing business.

Our policy

We take a risk-based approach to performing due diligence on our suppliers, which includes especially reviewing suppliers doing business in high-risk countries or offering high-risk products or services. Based upon this risk, we conduct ongoing due diligence on certain of our existing and prospective suppliers. Furthermore if a supplier does not meet our due diligence requirements or our standards for ethical conduct, we will not do business with that supplier. Our organisation uses only specified, reputable employment agencies to source agency labour and always verifies the practices of any new agency it is using before accepting workers from that agency.


In order to identify and address risks of Modern Slavery in our supply chain we will:

Carry out a first-tier risk supplier mapping exercise in order to identify suppliers that fall within an area that is at high risk of Modern Slavery, and address Modern Slavery with these suppliers by requesting copies of their policies and procedures together with a survey.

Address Modern Slavery as a formal business risk that will be reviewed at quarterly meetings and owned by Executives within the business.

Review our procurement processes to identify Modern Slavery as a risk to be identified and assessed on supplier audits.

Ensured our Right to Work policy is followed with strict compliance

Conducting business

Zorca Hospitality implements the above policies and the commitment set out in this statement by requiring all of its suppliers to certify that they are compliant with the terms of the same as well as incorporating such compliance in the terms of our purchase orders. Further, Zorca Hospitality contractually obliges its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and to adopt compliant working practices, including not utilising any form of compulsory labour or human trafficking. 

Zorca Hospitality’s suppliers are obliged to pass these requirements on to their own suppliers as well, and Zorca Hospitality expects all of its suppliers to police their own supply chains in order to root out modern slavery of any kind. Suppliers that fail to meet the contractual requirements set forth above will be no longer be used, whilst we continue to review our supply chain and our policies, and procedures, in order to to address prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking.

To read about our T&Cs please click here . To find our more about the Modern Slavery Act (2015), please follow the link Modern Slavery Act 2015 (