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Published 6 November 2023

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Luigi’s Story

Born in Ottati in the early 70’s, Antonio Luigi Pugliese grew up in a small town in Salerno. Nestled at the foot of the Alburni Mountains. Growing up in a small town, Luigi, a nonconformist, yearned for life in a big city. He knew he wanted to embrace new cultures and ideas whilst continuing to learn and grow.

After high school, Luigi moved to Naples to study architecture, and later fashion at the Academy in Rome. Venturing to New York after his studies, this is where he became an artist.

For Luigi, art became a method of communicating his deepest feelings. No matter how private or dark they may be; he felt a deep need to express these emotions through painting.

Luigi lives in London today, where he has been settled for many years. However, his exploration continues in constant motion, comparing maturing as an artist to a London tube, stopping at different stations to be discovered.

Luigi Pugliese Artwork

Luigi’s collection is called Silent Language: Capturing the Essence of Time. Which can be viewed at Marrable’s hotel with some pieces available for purchase.

A word from the artist…

“Through meticulous use of colours and painting techniques, I deeply commit to eliciting a profound response in the hearts of those who observe. My intent goes beyond mere representation of the historical and cultural reality of our time. It’s an endeavour to capture the very essence of the periods we live in. Each of my paintings becomes a vehicle for complex messages, reflecting the indignation and suffering caused by injustices. From this, they are transformed them into bursts of colour on the canvas.

The brushstrokes that compose my works are steeped in deep emotions and subtle meanings, communicating silently and poetically. I invite viewers to embark on a journey within the artwork itself and to mirror themselves in the chromatic nuances and try to perceive what the artist felt in that moment. In each of my paintings, the present unveils hints of the future, like a storm on the horizon.

I firmly believe that art should touch the chords of discomfort to sensitize humanity, urging it to embrace life in all its forms and reflect on our ever-evolving world. My works are invitations to contemplation, an opportunity to connect with the complexity of our existence and embrace change with open eyes.”Luigi Pugliese

If you are interested in any of Luigi’s pieces, follow the link here to find out more and purchase yours today!

We are so lucky in Clerkenwell to be surrounded by such culture, history and beautiful architecture. Not only is there Luigi’s art displayed on Marrable’s walls, but a whole host of galleries and museums around as well. Why not read our full Clerkenwell guide here..

To have a look at our room types, and choose your perfect Marrable’s stay, click here– can you spot any of his other pieces?!

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