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Published 8 May 2024

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For years, The Zetter Parlours have been known for their ingenious cocktail lists, bar takeovers and live jazz music, but now we are branching out. After months of hard work, hours of label design, taste testing and creating the perfect grape combinations, we are now so excited, and proud, to be introducing The Zetter Wines by Chris Luret.

Wine not…

The Zetter Wines proudly presents two exceptional vintages: The Seymour Blanc and The Wilhelmina Rouge. Our Seymour Blanc is a delightful white wine crafted from a blend of Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, and Muscat. Expect a crisp, refreshing glass with lively acidity and vibrant citrus notes reminiscent of lime, lemon, and apple. Transport yourself to the sunny coast of southwest France with each sip. This wine hails from the Languedoc region, boasting a subtle minerality and a hint of sea breeze that echoes its coastal origins.

Wilhemina Rouge is the new addition to our red wine collection. Bursting with ripe blackberry and plum flavours, accented by subtle spice and hints of black pepper. It offers a velvety texture with smooth tannins and a medium body, designed to delight with its juicy profile. This versatile wine is ideal for relaxed sipping or pairing with charcuterie, lamb, or pork. Sourced from the Languedoc region, The Wilhelmina Rouge is a luxurious blend of Carignan, Syrah, and Grenache, perfect for cosying up by the fireplace in The Parlours on a crisp autumn or winter evening.

Chris Luret

Once one of France’s most successful melon farmers, supplying the highest quality melons to some of the best restaurants, Chris realised wine making was far more interesting, and lucrative. Famous for producing some of the best Picpoul de Pinet, he used his expertise, brilliant grapes and genuine love and passion for wine to craft our wed and white offering. Teaming up with our sommelier Bert Blaize the two wines were created

Let’s talk about the label

Hand-design and drawn by artist Chris Druitt (Bone Dry By Design), the personalised, high quality craftsmanship continues onto the fabulous labels. Inspired by the hand-painted, intricate wallpaper in The Zetter Clerkenwell, the idea behind the label was born. We all know the famous ‘Last Supper’ scene, which has now been given a Zetter twist, incorporating some of our best known, talented team members. Can you spot anyone?

Both wine varieties are available at The Zetter Clerkenwell and The Zetter Marylebone only, perfectly paired with our seasonal small plates curated by Head Chef Rasheed. Click here to look at our Spring 2024 menu and decide what you would have with a crisp glass of white or a warming red.

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